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Mini Audio Lab V3

The Mini Audio Lab is the useful measure tool for many situations in stage applications and a "must" for every live sound engineer. Some different test - and measure functions,  are implemented:

- Touch display for a fast access to all measurement functions.
- Feedback frequency indentification.
- High precision Sine wave generator, with 30 selectable ISO frequencies plus 440 Hz
- Electret microphone with level response > 65dB at the lcd
- 6,3mm input connector for external signals (i.e. headphone out of monitor desk for
  feedback identification)
- Impedance measurement of speaker systems between 1 and 25 Ohm at different
- Build in 1 Watt amp, NL4 Speakon socket, switcheable between Pin 1+/1- and 2+/2- for
  multiway systems
- Delay and Polarity measurement from 8 m up to 120 m, display in Meter and ms.
- Pink Noise generator.
- Burst signal generator for reverb or delay measurements.
- Inline test function via xlr male and female for listening of an analog signal via
  headphone. However, this allow to use the device as 1 chanel In Ear monitor system.
  The status of the phantom power is indicated on the lcd as well.
- A Voltmeter function for batteries and a cable check function with automatic switch over
  between Voltage check and cable test is implemented.
- Every menue option have it´s own help function what reduces the need to search for a
  paper manual and saves time when neccessary.

Mini Audio Lab

RSP 365,- Euro

Physical dimensions:
170 mm x 12 0 mm x 45 mm
9V cell or power supply,
Tolerance amplitude - test
+/- 1,5 dB, +/- 1 Digit (50Hz-12,5kHz)
Tolerance impedance - test
+/- 0,5 Ohm, +/- 1 Digit
2 x 3 Pin XLR (M/F), 1 x NL4, 2 x 1/4"  jack,
Plug socket for power supply, 2 4mm instrument cons.